On Travel

It’s apt that this is our first post after a hiatus as the reason for our radio silence is that we’ve been busy traveling! We’ll be sharing more on that soon, but in the meantime, here’s July’s installment of Voices, featuring my best girlfriends and their thoughts on travel.

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Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile: Quip First Impressions

We'll start with the disclaimer: This post is unfortunately not sponsored, and we are in no way affiliated with Quip. We paid for these products ourselves and all opinions are our own. This post does contain referral links, which means if you click on and purchase through a link in this post, you get $5 off and we get a $5 refill credit and everyone wins!

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Back in 2015, This American Life did a story about school segregation. They played audio of a meeting about students from a majority black school transferring to a majority white school because the former school lost its accreditation. One white parent said this: “I want to know where the metal detectors are going to be, and I want to know whether your drug sniffing dogs are going to be [there].”

That’s my country. If you’re an American, that’s your country, too.

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