A Hummus Platter for Two in Itaewon

A Hummus Platter for Two in Itaewon | On the Street Where We Live (aretherelilactrees.com)  Grill Doha, Seoul, South Korea

I think technically the hummus platter we ordered is intended for 3-4 people, but since it was all we ordered, we can say it was for two, right?

I wasn’t expecting Grill Doha to be as fancy as it is, and so I should first mention that it is quite pricey for Seoul (even compared to other non-Korean options, at least for us), but definitely worth it if only once.

You can choose your size of hummus platter and pita bread. We decided to make a meal out of it and go bigger. There are five types of hummus: standard, carrot, beet, avocado, and a spiced, flavorful one that we didn’t catch the name of. Our favorites were the first and last. At the end of the platter are two sauces—a tahini/yogurt and a spicy one we both preferred—and a salad to top the hummus and pita.

You can stop for lunch on a day in Itaewon, the foreigner/expat area of Seoul, then visit neighboring Haebangchon, or HBC, for a tart and some ‘underground’ wandering.

grill doha

Address: Yongsan-gu, Hannam-dong, Itaewon-ro, 268
용산구 한남동 이태원로 268
Hours: 11:30am-10:30pm (Break Time: 3-5pm T-F), Closed Mondays