All the Clean and Sustainable Things I'm Coveting

All the Clean and Sustainable Things I’m Coveting | On the Street Where We Live ( )  clean beauty, green beauty, sustainability, sustainable brands, ethical brands, sustainable fashion, ethical fashion

Isn’t it funny how even with this clean-green-sustainable-ethical trend*, we’re still going out and buying more things? A more sensible approach to sustainability would be to shop your stash—fall in love all over again with the things you already own and find ways to reuse or repurpose them. Instead, it’s, let’s Marie Kondo our shit so that we can replace it with things that last longer and are better for the environment! (Which is The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up going right over the head.) Call it thrifting: shopping, but more conscious.

*In all seriousness, materialism and consumerism are beasts to reckon with as they are so ingrained in our society and culture and I’m so glad for this shift to awareness and mindfulness and I hope that it breeds habits, lifestyles, and real change. Every step each of us takes, no matter how small, is good for all of us.

While I’m not running to my wardrobe and beauty counter to purge and replace for the sake of ‘sustainability,’ I am challenging myself to make clean, ethical, and sustainable replacements over time. Here are some of the items I’m planning to swap for:

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