Carry-On Essentials for the Anxious Flyer

Carry-On Essentials for the Anxious Flyer | On the Street Where We Live (

I'm the traveler who clutches her armrests and sees her life flash before her eyes at the hint of turbulence; needless to say, I have some flight anxiety (it's a wonder I ever went skydiving). Most of the time, I have Andrew to reassure me that things will be okay, and his hand to squeeze when it feels like we're falling to our doom, but I used to have to fly on my own quite a bit, and there's still the occasional solo flight (e.g., Thailand). Either way, I like to prepare myself with 'essentials' that help me maintain some state of calm.

Carry-On Essentials for the Anxious Flyer | On the Street Where We Live (

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I almost always only pack a carry-on and personal item as the thought of having to collect a checked bag, or it going missing, adds another layer of anxiety. I feel reassured having all items on my person. 

Besides the actual essentials—phone, wallet, identification—I make sure to keep these items accessible.

Sole Society Weekender Bag

A good lip balm, hand cream (here are some other Aesop favorites), and serum and/or face cream keep your skin comfortable and prevent flight dehydration. It's fairly often that you'll find yourself in a public restroom without hand wash in Seoul, so I've gotten in the habit of carrying a travel-size tube (I received this Cath Kidston one in a set as part of a work Secret Santa gift). 

Carry-On Essentials for the Anxious Flyer | On the Street Where We Live (




Scents are effective (for me) in calming nerves. I roll on this essential oil behind my ears and on pulse points and breathe in. This one is another favorite. Then I just pop on my noise-cancelling headphones (one of my best investments ever) and either put on a good playlist or, best case scenario, try to fall asleep. 

It also helps to wear comfortable clothing—I opt for sneakers, thick socks, leggings, an oversized knit, and some sort of wrap (to use as a blanket or pillow) under my heaviest layer.


Anyone else with flight anxiety? What are your carry-on essentials? 






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