Cleansing Balms: Banila Co Clean It Zero

Banila Co’s Clean It Zero was one of the first products I wanted to try when we moved to Seoul, but I was finishing up Clinique’s Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm. When that finally ran out this month, I picked up the large Clean It Zero in the original formula (180ml for 25,000 KRW, ~$23.00 USD).

I’ve been loyal to Clinique’s cleansing balm (112ml for $29.50 USD) since I first started wearing makeup in freshman or sophomore year of university, even with its gradual increase in price. It’s fragrance-free, has a true balmy texture that melts and becomes milky with warm water, removes all traces of makeup, including stubborn mascaras, heavy bases, and bright color products, and is gentle while thoroughly cleansing the face, leaving no residue. It’s simple and effective, and still my ‘holy grail’ first cleanse.

The Clean It Zero is different, but still a strong performer. It has a nice fragrance that doesn’t cause any sensitivity or reactions. The texture is almost exactly like that of coconut oil—it looks like shavings when you scoop it out and melts into a more watery than milky substance in your palms. Although it feels light on the face, you need a second cleanse with this one to feel clean. 

While the Clinique is effective in removing makeup and cleansing the face, it doesn’t add any benefits to my skin, only maintains its condition. The Clean It Zero, however, has made my skin noticeably softer, smoother, and more glowy—it looks and feels renewed!

All in all, I highly recommend both cleansing balms for removing makeup. A jar of the Clinique lasts me about a year, and the Clean It Zero contains 68ml more product at around the same price point. The Clean It Zero does require more working in to the skin, but provides more post-cleanse benefits. So, it's a matter of functional preference.


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