Getting Inspired for Spring

Getting Inspired for Spring | On the Street Where We Live ( )  spring, inspiration, Seoul, cherry blossoms

Fall has always been my favorite season—warm tones, foliage, cozy knits, crisp air, hot beverages, my birthday (most importantly), and the start of a new year. And fall is vibrant and gorgeous in South Korea (and seems to be the time of year with the best, most consistent air quality). But spring has made its case, so I confess; at least abroad, it’s my new favorite season.

Apparently the cherry blossoms have already started to bloom at Bongeunsa, a temple we visited in our first fall, and I am here for it. The temperature has been slowly rising and at some point, the micro-dust will clear. Until then, I’m finding ways to be inspired and hoping they might inspire you.

strawberry season

One of the things I love most about living in South Korea is how good the fruit is. I love it so much that despite us not being even close to deciding when we’re leaving the country, I get sad about how much I’ll miss it when we do. Strawberry season runs from December to June, but the best time to eat strawberries is February to March, i.e., now! I’ve never had a strawberry in the States that didn’t need a bit of sugar or honey, and even then was just so so. Every strawberry in Seoul seems to be perfectly sweet and juicy, even ones sold in major chain grocery stores. We picked up two cases from a traditional market the other night, where the vendors were shouting over each other claiming to have the biggest and best berries.

spring cleaning

Our spring semesters started this week, so Andrew and I had a big Marie Kondo-style spring clean-out the weekend before where we swapped out our fall and winter clothes for spring and summer ones. It’s not much of a swap-out as we store all of our clothes for all seasons in one tiny closet each, but it always feels good to fold heavy layers away and open our doors to clean and organized hangings and shelves.

follow the flowers

Following the flowers is the new leaf peeping and the thing I love most about spring, if you couldn’t already tell from the photos on our blog and Instagram feed. Every week of spring in Seoul, and even every morning, I wake up excited to see what new flowers have bloomed. It goes without saying that the cherry blossoms are the ‘it’ flower, but I get just as excited about the small white blossoms that follow, the various pink, purple, and yellow flowers, the lilacs (of course), the roses, the orange trumpets, the hydrangeas, and pink muhly. I was able to photograph most of them on our weekends last year, but I’m keen to capture even more this season with my freer schedule!


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