Korean Beauty: Ryo Shampoo for Healthy Hair

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한방, or 'hanbang,' is traditional Korean medicine, which involves the extensive use of herbal remedies. While many Korean beauty products contain herbal ingredients, such as ginseng, green tea, camellia, and soybeans, 'hanbang' refers to the blends of ingredients specific to traditional Korean herbal medicine. 려, or Ryo, is a hanbang haircare brand designed to repair damage, treat the scalp, and stop and prevent hair loss. 

I've never been finicky about haircare—I would use Head & Shoulders shampoo and skip conditioner. Besides using an oil treatment on my ends and maybe spraying some dry shampoo onto my roots every other day or so, I don't use products, even when styling my hair. Moving to Korea took a toll on my hair though (I think it's something in the air and water); it feels dry and sheds more. So, I explored and discovered Ryo, and there are three things I should share about this discovery:



It improved the condition of my hair after the first wash and rinse (read: condition). I could feel my hair softening as I lathered. It's difficult to describe, but an accurate analogy would be Rumpelstiltskin spinning straw into gold. 


It produces the same result every wash, even after multiple washes. My issue with shampoos that aren't Head & Shoulders is that no matter how clarifying they are, they build up over time, weighing down my hair and causing it to look and feel unclean. I could wash and rinse my hair daily with these products and it would feel clean and conditioned every time.


It repairs the hair. It doesn't mask the damage in your hair only to have your hair revert to its previous condition after switching shampoos (on yoga days, I opt for Aesop's Calming Shampoo). My hair looks and feels healthier, even on the days I don't use it. The same goes for my scalp, which is sensitive and easily irritated most days, but calm and comfortable with Ryo.


I use the 함빛, or damage care, line (the key ingredient is fermented camellia oil), and from the results I get with it, I have a good feeling about their other ‘icon’ 자양윤모 (hair loss care) line.


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