(Long) Weekend Links: 03

(Long) Weekend Links: 03 | On the Street Where We Live (aretherelilactrees.com)

It’s just me for this holiday Weekend Links. The holiday today is Children’s Day, celebrated in South Korea as a way for hardworking parents and kids to step away from their jobs and studies to spend the day together. Jen and I spent today getting some good vegan food in the Itaewon neighborhood and then came home to relax as we’ve been good at doing throughout the weekend. This past Thursday, we went to a language exchange meet-up in Gangnam, and we will brave the dust and pollen to explore Banpo by bike later this week. These are the links.


  • This piece captured a South Korean perspective rarely acknowledged in Western media, of hopeful ambivalence to the Panmunjom meeting last week. Also, an episode of the always wonderful The Daily about the lasting pain that war and division inflicted on the Korean Peninsula and its people.
  • Screw Sarah Huckabee Sanders and the reporters saying a comedian should not have told jokes. This from Deadspin is very satisfying and captures what we should all understand about bullying and actually speaking truth to power.
  • Jamelle Bouie on the new memorial to the victims of lynching in the United States. It is shameful that we don’t teach and force Americans of all ages and backgrounds to actually reckon with the sins of our country, perpetrated by and against its people.
  • Speaking of which, the May 2 episode of the podcast The Weeds covered a paper from Columbia University that suggests that school integration is good and that systemic racism leads to the arrest of young people of color for non-violent offenses. (Who would have thought?)
  • “Thank you and your delicious wife for your warm welcome,” said a French person, admirably speaking English in Australia.
  • “My favorite meat is hot dog, by the way. That is my favorite meat...My second favorite meat is hamburger. And, everyone says, oh, don’t you prefer steak? It’s like, I know steaks are great, but I like hot dog best, and I like hamburger next best,” said a rich person, embarrassingly speaking Normal Human to win an election.  
  • Sam Miller is a baseball writer who, with Ben Lindbergh, wrote a great book. Miller stopped by the podcast he used to host with Lindbergh to talk about his Radical Ideas Series for Major League Baseball. The coolest and craziest in the series was this idea for a playoff format of all 30 teams.
  • When I was a kid, another kid named Kerry Wood struck out 20 Houston Astros. It’s the best game ever pitched and now, 20 years later, the video of it still blows my mind—the movement and gumption of Wood and the befuddlement and resignation of a good Astros team.