Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile: Quip First Impressions

Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile: Quip First Impressions | On the Street Where We Live (  Quip, getquip, electric toothbrush

We'll start with the disclaimer: This post is unfortunately not sponsored, and we are in no way affiliated with Quip. We paid for these products ourselves and all opinions are our own. This post does contain referral links, which means if you click on and purchase through a link in this post, you get $5 off and we get a $5 refill credit and everyone wins!

I forget exactly how I first heard of Quip, but I remember being attracted to the slim design and filing away a mental note of it. Our previous electric toothbrush was powerful, but bulky and required a cord to charge. When it unexpectedly kicked the bucket a couple weeks ago, I immediately placed an order with Quip (the Electric Couple Set in Silver + Copper Metal). Andrew had also heard of Quip through a podcast he listens to, and since we seem to be the target demographic of the ads on his podcasts, that affirmed my decision. (See our first podcast purchase here.)

It took about two weeks to ship internationally to Seoul and arrived just in time for me to brush my teeth this morning (or noon, embarrassingly). One word I would use to describe my first brush is gentle—so gentle, in fact, that I was skeptical my teeth would be clean at the end of the timed two minutes. Although it feels gentle, a close look at the soft bristles shows rapid movement (15,000 RPM), so you can brush assured your teeth and gums are getting a thorough clean without any damage. Dentist clean. You know how your teeth feel and look after a cleaning at the dentist—smooth and shiny? That was my teeth today, without any of the discomfort.

While I wasn't crazy about the toothpaste (I'm not crazy about the taste and the aftertaste lingers), I love that it contains only the safe, essential, effective ingredients and that it's vegan and not tested on animals. 

Andrew's first impressions: It feels more like a non-electric toothbrush than an electric one. It’s very small and doesn’t vibrate too intensely. When I brushed my teeth for the first time with my new Quip, I noticed the rubber parts on the head that massage the gums and how the other bristles are not very numerous nor situated in a thick rectangle like on other toothbrushes. Then I noticed my reflection in the mirror. I’m getting old. But at least I have a cool new toothbrush and accompanying toothpaste that comes in a fancy tube. Unsure on the toothpaste. The taste lingers, except it’s not the minty part that does.

Overall, Quip wasn’t what I was expecting when I heard about it on all the podcasts lately. It’s even quieter than I anticipated, but also heavier. I think I like it, though. I’ll try using Jen’s to see if I like the copper better and report back.


Our couple set includes two electric metal toothbrushes (I chose the copper, of course), two travel cover mounts (the travel-friendly part is ideal for us), large toothpaste, and small toothpaste. With a couple set subscription plan ($20/three months and free shipping), we would receive two refill heads, large toothpaste, small toothpaste, and two AAA batteries in and every three months. With single, couple, and family options and refill variations, there's an ideal set for everyone!