Soft, Pretty, and Budget-Friendly Bras

Soft, Pretty, and Budget-Friendly Bras | On the Street Where We Live (  Lively, wearlively

The lightness and airiness of these photos is my mood most Sunday mornings, so I thought it was the perfect time to post this one! I loved our loft in Providence, but the natural light in our Seoul officetel doesn't have me missing it much. 

There are some things, though, that aren't readily (if at all) accessible in Seoul—toothpaste with fluoride, feminine products, bras in larger cup sizes. We picked up most of these wholesale and packed them into our suitcases, but in the midst of all our planning and packing, I had forgotten to pick up bras, and with all the expenses we were incurring and had yet to incur, I couldn't bring myself to pay the usual price points for ones I felt so-so about. 

With only surface research and maybe 72 hours left in the States, I decided to rush-deliver an order with Lively (who, I'll mention now, have no idea who I am, unless they remember the girl who was frantic about her package arriving in time before leaving the country for two years, and if so, hello!). I was partly intrigued by the pink and pretty lace but mostly by the pricing—$35 for one, $55 for two, and $75 for three. What? I thought this had to be indicative of quality (snob), but then, the night before our flight, the blush box with rose gold lettering arrived, and it was everything.

I picked up the long-line lace bralette, the t-shirt bra, the smooth geo trim push-up, the smooth strapless, and three pairs of the mesh back bikini. Each piece makes me feel like I'm wearing a cloud.

Soft, Pretty, and Budget-Friendly Bras | On the Street Where We Live (  Lively, wearlively

Let's start with the bralette—I thought I'd never be able to wear a bralette, which was such a bummer because the concept! the styling possibilities! I had resolved that they just weren't engineered for girls like me. Lively do one for busty girls, but the long-line lace bralette (size M) is perfect enough. It provides coverage, the band is supportive, and the straps are strong but still delicate. I love the way the lace looks peeping out under a v-neck top or sweater. 

The t-shirt bra has the prettiest back lace detail and a convenient j-hook for converting into a racerback. I don't think I've ever felt a bra as soft or smooth. The same can be said about the smooth geo trim push-up (not pictured), which gives just a slight push.

The smooth strapless (not pictured) is the semi-dud as the structured side ribbing bends and bunches. I might try hooking it more tightly to see if that does the trick. The undies, though, were a pleasant surprise, as I wasn't sure about the mesh, and are so light and breathable that I may have to replace my whole drawer with them!

Soft, Pretty, and Budget-Friendly Bras | On the Street Where We Live (  Lively, wearlively

If you make a purchase of $10 or more through the referral links in this post, I'll receive points toward future purchases, another benefit of wearing Lively!

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