The Essential Essential Oil

The Essential Essential Oil | On the Street Where We Live (  aromatica, Good Night Good Sleep

Seoul has a particular ‘service’ culture—when you buy a beauty product, there’s often some sort of buy-one-get-one promotion, and you receive free additional items and samples. When we visit our hair salon, we’re served a beverage from a menu, with a couple or more biscuits to enjoy. Sometimes, at restaurants or food stands, we receive a free side or a bit more of our meal as a ‘service.’

I certainly appreciate things on the free, but even more, I appreciate what this service culture adds to the experience.  

During the last five to ten minutes of yoga class, or savasana, our instructor makes her round to apply an ‘aroma oil’ behind each of our ears. It’s a small personal touch with a big impact, and it’s honestly what I look forward to most each class. Breathing in the scent is tingle-inducing and instantaneously puts me at ease. 

The oil is Good Night Good Sleep by aromatica, a Korean, organic, all-natural, and toxin-free beauty brand. The mixture of lavender, ylang ylang (two of my favorites), marjoram, and chamomile essential oils comes in an inexpensive roll-on that will last you quite some time—I use mine every night before bed and sometimes during the day and have hardly made a dent. The scent is olfactory euphoria; if they made it in a perfume, bath oil, candle, pillow spray, hand life would be complete. For the citrus lovers, they have a Focus & Stress Free oil of peppermint, rosemary, orange, and lemon.