The Korean Skincare Product My Fiancé(e) and I Both Use

The Korean Skincare Product My Fiancé(e) and I Both Use | On the Street Where We Live ( )  A couple’s review of Dr. Jart’s Ceramidin Cream after over one year of use.  Korean beauty, Dr. Jart, Ceramidin Cream


Yes, I said the f-word, and I don’t care if it’s cringe-y, I’m going to say it while I can. It makes my heart happy!

South Korea is supposed to be the mecca of all things beauty, and particularly skincare—hello sheet masks, ten-step routines, and glass skin—but as much as I love researching and reading up on products, brands, and the industry, I’ve never loved hauling and testing. I’m all about holy grail products and minimal routines, so, in this sense, living in South Korea is wasted on me.

One Korean skincare brand I did want to check out, though, was Dr. Jart. In the fall of 2017, when I was in the market for a heavier daily facial moisturizer, I picked up a holiday set that featured the Ceramidin Cream (which, at the current exchange rate, is ~$13 cheaper here in Seoul than in the States).

It comes out of the tube in a thick, almost paste-like consistency, which makes it nourishing but not oily, even on my combination to oily skin (Andrew has dry skin, and I find that the cream has noticeably improved its texture). A little goes a long way. It sits well under makeup. It has an herbal, slightly citrusy scent, which I find unoffensive but does linger. Each tube comes with one of those plastic tools that squeeze all the product out (and they are so good—I used it on my tinted moisturizer and couldn’t believe how many more uses I got out of a seemingly empty tube).

We just repurchased a tube this month, and though it’s (surprisingly) become more Andrew’s moisturizer that Jen also uses, it does exactly what it says on the tin, and for that reason I highly recommend it!

PS: I also highly recommend the Cicapair Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment with SPF 30, but can’t say how it would fare on skin tones darker than mine.


When I was in college, I went to a dermatologist in Chicago who told me to just stop doing anything with my face. Stop using the expensive face wash and moisturizing lotion. Stop putting on the prescription acne cream from this sweet commercial. And stop wiping it with those circular pads that smell like vodka. I’d had pretty gnarly chin and forehead acne for a number of years, and even though I was skeptical of his do nothing but lightly wash with soap approach, I followed his advice.

That doctor has apparently since been convicted of healthcare fraud. Committing fraud is bad, but his advice over a decade ago worked. I stopped using all the treatments I’d been told would work by my hometown dermatologist, and my face stopped looking like a wilting surface of Mars.

That was a long time ago, and I haven’t really had any acne since. But I’m no longer in my late teens, so the whole “I can’t use face lotion because I’ll break out” wasn’t really a reasonable retort to Jen telling me that I’m starting to look old and wrinkled and need to moisturize. To be honest, the doctor’s advice a while back was mostly just a convenient excuse because the primary reason I hesitated was that I hate using lotion. I think it feels gross when applying and afterward. But since I’m starting to show my age and I live in South Korea, I need to use a face lotion.

Choosing the right lotion requires extensive research and consultation. Instead, I used Jen’s. And I like it. It feels far less greasy and lingering than others I’ve used. The driest parts of my face are my forehead and cheeks, so I squeeze out a pea-sized amount, dab those areas, and spread throughout my face. Is that right? I usually have between two and six days worth of facial hair, and the lotion feels especially good after I’ve trimmed down to the two-day length.

I apply after I shower and wash with a soy face cleanser. Most days, I shower once before work and once after exercising. (I try to be quick in each as it’s people like me who are ruining the planet.) The lotion goes on post-showers and leaves me feeling better about my face as I start and end my day.

According to Jen, I look better and healthier already in the short time I’ve been using it. I should probably find a neutral party, though, as it’s she who suggested it to me and convinced me I should be using a forty-dollar lotion. In all seriousness, it’s worth the price. (And even cheaper in Korea where Dr. Jart is from and must have gone to med school.) For a stubborn and lazy person who wants to use just one daily face product, this moisturizer is a good one to choose.

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