The New Old Thing in Skincare: Facial Rolling

The New Old Thing in Skincare: Facial Rolling | On the Street Where We Live ( )  facial rolling, facial massage, skincare, Skin Gym, rose quartz, facial roller

Andrew might have more to say on this than I do (as I mentioned in this post) as I’ve used my facial roller on him more times than I have on myself! And if that isn’t a testament to the benefits of facial rolling…

Facial massage and rolling are not new by any means—jade has been used in Chinese beauty rituals and traditional medicine treatments for centuries. But it’s become ‘the new thing’ in the modern beauty community, and I’m all for simple but efficient tools that provide spa-like effects in the comfort of your home for a fraction of the price.

I picked up the Skin Gym Rose Quartz Crystal Facial Roller because duh, it’s pink. Any similar roller would do, so long as it’s the real stone, but, after several months of use, I do recommend this one.

Some users leave their facial roller in the fridge so that it will feel cold on the skin, and I’ve done this before, but rose quartz is a naturally cool stone, so even if I’ve left my roller out on my vanity, it’s cool to the touch when I pick it up to use.

I use the larger end on larger areas of my face, such as on and around my cheeks, jawline, forehead, and neck, and the smaller end under my eyes, and on and around my nose, temples, and chin. I only roll in one direction in an upward motion, and repeat this motion 5-6 times on each area for each side of my face. If I’m doing this leisurely, it takes about two minutes to treat my entire face and neck.

Andrew and I feel the benefits of the lymphatic drainage almost instantaneously, which is especially nice when we’re ill, and Andrew’s skin becomes noticeably brighter and smoother from the rolling and blood circulation. For me, I find that facial rolling does reduce puffiness and helps products absorb better, which results in plump, glowing skin the next morning. (I use this oil almost every night.) I also find that it relaxes my jaw, which I unknowingly clench throughout the day and in my sleep.

As for any long-term benefits (re: puffiness, fine lines, and wrinkles), it’s hard to tell. But that matters less to us than how good facial rolling feels.

For even more good feels, here are some of my favorite videos on facial moisturizing, rolling, and massage: (and how dreamy are all of their voices? I could fall asleep listening to them!)

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