The Posts On Our Instagram that Blew Up Unexpectedly

The Posts On Our Instagram that Blew Up Unexpectedly | On the Street Where We Live ( )  Yeonnam-dong, Seoul, South Korea, No Face, Kaonashi, Spirited Away, ramen

At this point in our Instagram ‘career,’ there are certain measures we can generally safely expect—at least x number of likes per post with a ‘goal’ number of y likes. There are specific types of posts, considering our audience and reach, that will always do well, regardless of the bloody algorithm or the day of the week or time of day they’re posted. Those are brand-tagged outfit posts (see 1, 2), pretty cafe shots (see 1, 2, 3), interesting and different places we visit (see 1, 2, 3, 4), and usually longer-captioned personal posts (see 1, 2). There are posts that I post only because I love to post them that do well anyway (see all the flower posts, or 75% of our ‘gram). There are posts that seriously underperform that we just have to shrug our shoulders at. And then there are posts that do the most but we never see coming.

These are those posts.

Left: a couple mojito mocktails from a girls’ day Friday at my favorite cafe.

Right: a lesser known temple, the golden Suguksa, in Seoul.


Left: cascading red roses along Gyeongui Line Forest Park.

Right: a pink rose arch at Seoul Grand Park Station.


Left: the last of the day’s lavender ice cream at Hani Lavender Farm.

Right: more of the lavender fields in Goseong.