The Shows I've Been Binge-Watching

 The Shows I've Been Binge-Watching | On the Street Where We Live (

I haven't had a TV around since I was seventeen and living at home. I'm not much of a TV watcher, so it's made no difference. Surprisingly this year, though, I've been making good use of our Netflix and HBO NOW accounts, binge-watching shows left and right. 

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I prefer series to movies as one of the things I don't like about movies is that they end—series prolong this and soften the blow. I also prefer light (sometimes trash) TV where you don't have to think much about what you're watching. These aren't (all) that, though!

 The Shows I've Been Binge-Watching | On the Street Where We Live (

the crown

While historical dramas typically sound like snoozefests to me, The Crown was immediately riveting. Maybe it's because I'm an Anglophile, maybe it's because Claire Foy is stunning, or maybe it's because I have a first-child complex. It's mostly these things, but also the interesting storylines, strong performances, and gorgeous lighting in every shot.

You can see seasons 1 and 2 on Netflix.

sex and the city

I'm exactly two decades late with this one, but a show called Sex and the City would not have been relevant to me when I was seven. I actually watched both of the films long before I watched the show—they were trash and my guilty pleasure.

If you can get past how annoying and horrible Carrie is most of the time, the lack of diversity, and unrealistic situations, at the heart is an entertaining show that will remind you to appreciate your female relationships. Plus, the fashion is inspiring and Samantha was ahead of her time.

All 6 seasons and both films are on HBO NOW.

queer eye

It's the (reboot) series we didn't know we needed, at the time we needed it most. Season 1 is on Netflix and Season 2 is out this Friday!


Yes, I only started watching Suits because of Meghan Markle (coming full circle here from The Crown). To be fair, I thought Gabriel Macht was dreamy in Because I Said So (another trash film, but still). Patrick J. Adams also happens to be nice to look at. But there are other reasons this quick, witty, and heartfelt series is approaching it's eighth season—you can watch for yourself on Netflix.

 The Shows I've Been Binge-Watching | On the Street Where We Live (

And some Netflix comedy special mentions—Ali Wong's Hard Knock Wife (I've watched this four times), Sarah Silverman's A Speck of Dust, Amy Schumer's The Leather Special, and Tig Notaro's Happy To Be Here.


What have you been watching lately?


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