The Worst One of Them All

The Worst One of Them All | On the Street Where We Live (

Ben Sasse, Brett Kavanaugh, and all the MAGA hat tough guys should drink their beers together. That way the Trumpers can teach the two Yale-educated coach dads how to stop lying about who they are, what they do, and what they want for America.

Brett Kavanaugh seems like he was an entitled scumbag in high school. I believe Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony, so I think Brett Kavanaugh likely committed a violent sexual assault in high school, but even absent that, there’s plenty of proof that he was drunk and mean and proud of it as a teenager. Yet he chose to give lies and ridiculous explanations instead of being truthful about who he was in the eighties, which says a lot more about who he is today than does driving a carpool.  

Fuck Brett Kavanaugh. Fuck his lies and his pampered upbringing. Fuck his work for the actual worst president of my lifetime and his ass sniffing of the second worst. There are people way smarter than I who have things to say about Kavanaugh and his performance. Go read them: 1 | 2 | 3.

I want to focus on another fraud. Ben Sasse.

Sasse would never use the f-word. But make no mistake, his upcoming vote to get Kavanaugh out of committee is a “Fuck you, I don’t believe you” to Dr. Ford. She said “100%” that her attacker was Kavanaugh, whose denial Sasse will instead believe and vote accordingly. This would be less maddening if he went unhinged like Lindsey Graham and the rest of the GOP lollipop guild and said “the hell with these accusers” a while ago.

Graham is an opportunist, but at least his words and actions have matched up since he stopped warmongering 24/7 to hop on the Trump train.

Not so much for Sasse, a prig, wrapped in sanctimony, inside its own asshole. He’s the worst kind of Republican, the guy who gets sad when the president he votes with 87% of the time goes authoritarian on Twitter.

The conundrum of Ben Sasse is not that he can come off as a hypocrite, but that he can’t get what he wants legislatively without the president he loves to bravely subtweet. Trump made explicit the dog whistles the GOP used to use to cut taxes for the rich and wage war on working people. So effectively that there’s no longer a constituency for people like Sasse who think America is going to hell but pretend like demographic changes and rights for trans people aren’t what they’re upset about.

Sasse outdid himself today, though. During a break, he went up to Dr. Ford and said, “Thank you being here.” He was the only Republican on the committee to do so. Then when Ford was done and gone, and after Kavanaugh finished screaming, Sasse used his only 90 seconds of the day to join his GOP colleagues and make Kavanaugh the victim of a Democratic plot to destroy his good name. Sasse would have us believe he wanted the allegation investigated by the FBI a month ago, because he took it seriously. Bullshit.

You can actually take him at his word earlier. Thank you for being here. Indeed, Dr. Ford coming to testify allowed Sasse to act like the principled superego of the party that is all Trump id. Kavanaugh channeled that id in his testimony today. I wish Sasse would drop the act, fall in line, and found MAGA keg city with his more honest bedfellows.