These Days

These Days (요즘) | On the Street Where We Live ( )  Pulitzer’s Bar, Amsterdam

‘These days’ is an expression I rarely used before moving abroad, but 요즘 (yoh-jeum), or these days, is an expression often used in Korean, and so I’ve found myself using it often these days. We thought it was the perfect title for our new monthly series, a list of the things we’ve each been up to, and a good first post to ease back into blogging after a stretch of quiet while we’d been pretending to be locals in Europe.

A special thank-you to my lovely online friend, Kelsey, for sharing her post format with us!


Feeling: off because of our wonky sleep schedule post-Europe.

Hoping: to savor this next month.

Listening: to this song.

Reading: up on the ASA/CMA guidelines for influencers.

Watching: Suits…again.

Wanting: this belt bag, solution for those who can’t be bothered to carry a bag (me).

Waiting: to visit my aunt and uncle when they return from their trip.

Finishing: everything in our fridge and ‘pantry.’

Eating: cheeseboards.

Sipping: on the most delish homemade iced jasmine tea in Amsterdam.

Working: on a consistent yoga practice. Well chuffed with myself that I mastered both wheel pose and scale pose yesterday!

Planning: photoshoots and blog posts.

Saving: my pennies for the travels we have planned this year.

Wearing: pajamas, mostly.

Looking: at the photos of our baby niece I shot in Berlin.

Buying: lace-up boots once I find the perfect pair.

Bookmarking: libraries and kittens, always.

Loving: the view of the city outside our windows.

Leaving: Bullet Journaling to the artists. It’s sadly not for me!


Feeling: annoyed the goddamn Patriots are in the Super Bowl again.

Hoping: the strong and selfless ladies in my family are happy and healthy in 2019.

Listening: to a new Hardcore History podcast on Imperial Japan.

Reading: the Mitch McConnell Times profile.

Watching: 남공원.

Wanting: 칼국수.

Waiting: to see where Bryce Harper and Manny Machado sign.

Finishing: German chocolate biscuits, kimchi.

Eating: soft tendon soup (도가니탕) and rice.

Sipping: European Pilsner.

Working: on the upcoming semester’s reading list.

Planning: bike rides around Korea.

Saving: a nice Chianti my coworker bought me for Christmas.

Wearing: Uniqlo thermals.

Looking: into the 2020 Democratic candidates, their platforms, and tone.

Buying: a re-subscription to MLB.TV

Bookmarking: NYT 52 Places to go in 2019.

Loving: every Bulls loss that gets them closer to getting Zion Williamson (see: 1, 2).

Leaving: the kitchen light on, but determined to get better at that.

What have you been up to this January?

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