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And the second month of the year has passed! Is it just me, or does time go by more and more quickly the older we get? I remember how long vacations seemed to stretch on when I was younger—this winter vacation was the longest I’ve had (by a lot) as a student or a teacher, but felt the shortest.

We introduced this monthly casual/update series in January, which you can read about here. Below is our February!


Feeling: perpetually sleepy.

Hoping: for good things to come.

Listening: to yoga music and ujjayi breathing.

Reading: not much substantial other than articles online. While I wouldn’t say I’m looking forward to getting back to work and my commute, I am looking forward to getting back to my Kindle reads.

Watching: SKY Castle, a dramatic, but sadly true, interpretation of what the pursuits of status and education do to some Korean families.

Wanting: spring dresses like this flouncy floral one from Reformation or this polka-dotted maxi from & Other Stories. And this soft cardigan to layer over.

Waiting: for an email from a certain jeweler.

Finishing: this A Drink with James episode.

Eating: Camembert and crackers (that could be my spoof blog name).

Sipping: foam art and other pretty cafe drinks.

Working: out my spring semester in my head, but not in my planner or on my laptop as I should.

Planning: my multi-city trip through the States this summer, and then my parents’ trip to Seoul.

Saving: for said trips.

Wearing: fewer layers!

Looking: at flight prices.

Buying: yoga gear.

Bookmarking: long-layer hairstyles and spring-spiration.

Loving: my parents.

Leaving: winter vacation reluctantly.


Feeling: the effects of Seoul’s micro dust or 미세먼지 (meesae meonji), which sounds like a cute cartoon but feels like death in your throat.

Hoping: Jen forgets she told me I need to finish watching My Best Friend’s Wedding. She watched it and told me I should too so I can see how bad it is, but after ten minutes, I couldn’t anymore because it’s not fun bad, it’s just bad bad.

Listening: to The Dropout podcast.

Reading: disgustingly racist emails from the awful head of the family who owns my favorite baseball team.

Watching: Succession.

Wanting: American diner breakfast food.

Waiting: to see if my prediction is right that Jaime Lannister is totally going to kill Cersei and then himself in the upcoming last season of Game of Thrones.

Finishing: a second vat of the kimchi we made in December.

Eating: not enough vegetables.

Sipping: pour-over coffee. (Why did I wait until I was 31 to try making coffee this way?)

Working: leave me alone! I don’t want to go back to work next week.

Planning: springtime bike and 꽃 사진 trips.

Saving: points from this Korean app that counts your steps walked and gives you cash points.

Wearing: three old long-sleeve shirts that Jen hates. Inexplicably. Old Navy makes things you can keep for at least seven years.

Looking: at this year’s PECOTA with confusion and fear.

Buying: that Biden would be an immediate front-runner but hoping he doesn’t run.

Bookmarking: that story where a US Senator from Minnesota ate a salad at an airport with a comb and then made one of her aides clean the comb so I can read it over and over.

Loving: the Twitter moniker Deadlift Schrempf and his tweets.

Leaving: comedians I used to love who don’t get this in 2019.


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