These Days

These Days | On the Street Where We Live ( )  Green Melrose, cafe, Seoul, South Korea

Honestly, I’ve been wondering what Andrew’s been up to these days as we’re both so busy we hardly ever see each other! All the ‘extras’ have started at work for me, so I’ve been attending more nighttime yoga classes to decompress and then meeting friends on my day off while Andrew’s been teaching a night class and cycling consistently. We’re looking forward to some lazy weekends in April (with maybe a few early mornings of me getting Andrew to walk along the new spring blooms).

If you hadn’t caught our series yet, here are January and February!


Feeling: calmer in the mornings as I keep waking up without an alarm…but also sleepier throughout the day as I’m waking up much earlier than I need to.

Hoping: for consistency.

Listening: to Korean lessons. Trying to make language learning a priority.

Reading: Becoming and falling even more in love with Michelle Obama. More books I’ve read on my commute coming soon!

Watching: How I Met Your Mother to decompress throughout the day.

Wanting: to use my meditation app more.

Waiting: for the bus, always.

Finishing: the first third of spring semester already!

Eating: fresh bagels and other goods from SF Bagels, run by the nicest women.

Sipping: 매실차. My aunt bought me a bottle of extract and it’s helping with my chronic condition.

Working: on building core strength and getting to half moon pose on my left (weak) knee.

Planning: our trip to our third country of the year and buzzing about it! One word: wisteria.

Saving: up points on our credit card, at least.

Wearing: the same four outfits on rotation.

Looking: for spring work attire.

Buying: fewer blueberry muffins on my way to work.

Bookmarking: our Seoul posts on Pinterest, where they seem to be blowing up!

Loving: the warmer weather and increasing hours of sunlight.

Leaving: my heavy coats in the closet for a good long while.


Feeling: awkward in my spinning class because I’m the only non-Korean, only male, and seemingly only person who understands the lewd English lyrics of the club songs we cycle to.

Hoping: Brett Kavanaugh gets food poisoning once a month forever.

Listening: to Pat Hughes describe uniforms.

Reading: Go Tell It On the Mountain.

Watching: Baseball!!!

Wanting: someone to explain to me why Beto O’Rourke deserves anyone’s vote in this Democratic primary field.

Waiting: to hear from a Canadian about a purchase.

Finishing: laundry at a place called Penguin House that gives free candy (life takes unexpected turns sometimes).

Eating: too much meat.

Sipping: afternoon green tea.

Working: in Google Docs.

Planning: to eat a lot of Japanese food in May.

Saving: energy turning the kitchen light off I hope?

Wearing: a mask or cloth when I ride my bike.

Looking: ridiculous until I finally got my haircut this week.

Buying: that the shit to be released in the Mueller report is still bad and damning but wishing we could focus on other stuff like Individual One’s white nationalist fans and proposed cuts to Special Olympics funding.

Bookmarking: this Ady Barkan profile and this MLB scouting report piece by Ben Lindbergh.

Loving: this take from a couple years ago on South Park and how to process the good and bad of a show you grew up with.

Leaving: food trash out temporarily to separate it from regular trash in a little bag because it’s the law here. Which is great! It’s also really annoying. Sometimes laws are annoying and also the right thing to do. My point of course is that libertarians are way more annoying than recycling.