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The month goes by even more quickly when you spend each week waiting for the next episode of Game of Thrones.

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Feeling: listless, honestly. Been in a fog since receiving some bad news.

Hoping: for good news.

Listening: to this song on repeat. It gives me all the summertime feels.

Reading: a light novel recommended to me by a girlfriend.


Wanting: all the cream blazers. Ordered this one, but there’s another one I’ve had my heart set on that might be just different enough to warrant a second order.

Waiting: for relief! I’ve never had allergies until very recently in life and it’s like they’re making up for lost time. Got myself to the hospital yesterday morning and picked up five different prescriptions.

Finishing: Becoming by Michelle Obama. Posted a new Books I’ve Read On My Commute if you’re in need of a new read!

Eating: tuna salad sandwiches.

Sipping: chai tea lattes again. Will have to restock our Trader Joe’s Spicy Chai Tea Latte Mix when we’re in the States this summer.

Working: too much and not working out enough. At least that’s what the slump in my body and the weariness in my bones are telling me.

Planning: little trips everywhere.

Saving: my one Shopbop sale purchase for Japan next weekend.

Wearing: this new-favorite trench/tidy coat although it’s quickly becoming too warm for it—we were in the 80s earlier this week!

Looking: for lilacs. After the cherry blossoms (see here, here, here, and here) come azaleas in an assortment of colors, lilacs, tulips, and other pink and yellow flowers. I caught the lilacs in peak bloom only in passing—looking out the window on the bus, walking through campus or small neighborhoods, and smelling their scent waft through the air.

Buying: plane tickets. Booked three international flights and one domestic so far. Two more domestic and that’s my summer sorted.

Bookmarking: scenes in Japan and style inspiration.

Loving: these shoes. I didn’t notice who designed them at first, but immediately knew who it had to be. They make me laugh.

Leaving: our food delivery apps until next winter.


Feeling: like the recently forced out Kirstjen Nielsen should be forced to wear a shirt that says I put kids in cages for the rest of her life but knowing that she’ll be rehabilitated.

Hoping: I never get into a bicycle accident I almost did last week when a father wasn’t watching his kid who ran into the middle of the bike lane (upon hearing this story, Jen said she’d fight the father).

Listening: John Lithgow on WTF with Marc Maron. I love this podcast, but usually don’t listen to the ones with actors. Glad I did this one, though, because Lithgow is an absolute delight.

Reading: this fantastic piece on a “muscular thumb” and his often-entertaining but irresponsible podcast.

Watching: Damian Lillard get rid of some mother-------.

Wanting: Bryzzo to keep heating up.

Waiting: for the NBA draft lottery.

Finishing: (finally) a box of barley tea I bought like a year ago.

Eating: kimchi jjigae at a new restaurant near us that’s cheap and good.

Sipping: broth from udon at another cheap and good new sushi restaurant near us.

Working: on a bag full of cucumbers that I probably shouldn’t have bought.

Planning: ways to convince Jen I’ll look fine with gray hair. When she finds one, she reacts like she sees a louse, but I really do feel like gray will go well on my head.

Saving: any kind words for Don McGahn because he still sucks.

Wearing: my new indoor slippers—Jen has a pair, too, but instead of hers and his they both say sunshine on them.

Looking: forward to the big, dumb battle at Winterfell in Episode 3.

Buying: this excellent take on why so many fell so hard so quick for one of the 2020 candidates.

Bookmarking: this hilarious Twitter profile that collects the best of the Reddit /r/ relationships page.

Loving: the elementary school in South Korea where women in their 70s are learning to read and write.

Leaving: the panic train after the Chicago Cubs have improved after a horrendous first week.

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