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These Days | On the Street Where We Live ( )  hollyhocks, hollyhock flowers, Seoul, South Korea

Happy July! The end of June was such a whirlwind—I (Jen) spent the last week of it using up my yoga classes, meeting up with friends, spending time with Andrew, and taking care of administrative work to wrap up the semester while also preparing for my almost two-month trip to the States. Andrew and I said goodbye for now at five in the morning KST on Friday, I had an at times terrifying 14-hour flight to Boston, picked up a rental car the same day I landed to drive down to Providence, and have since been on the go. My next round of flights is tomorrow before the sun rises. But it’s been so good to be in my home country.

In case you missed them, here’s a round-up of all our June posts. Scroll down for our monthly updates!

These Days | On the Street Where We Live ( )  hollyhocks, hollyhock flowers, Seoul, South Korea
These Days | On the Street Where We Live ( )  hollyhocks, hollyhock flowers, Seoul, South Korea


Feeling: reflective and thankful at the end of my first year as a professor. My students said the sweetest things as we gave our goodbyes in my last classes.

Hoping: to have some downtime to meditate and clear my head of what has been a trying six months.

Listening: to Brandi Carlile (and Kelly Clarkson covers of Brandi Carlile). Andrew sent me this gorgeous song of hers a while ago and it only caught on for me recently. Then there’s this heart-aching one which this young America’s Got Talent contestant made his own.

Reading: The Bright Hour finally thanks to my colleague-friend who lent it to me. I guess 2019 is the year of memoirs.

Watching: the Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood documentary finally. We need more of what that was, especially these days.

Wanting: Chester’s Fries. They’re so close I can already taste them.

Waiting: for mid-July when the perfect mules I pre-ordered will be shipped out.

Finishing: my yoga classes on a strong note. I’ve been going mostly every other day, sometimes consecutive days, and, on one Friday, even consecutive classes! I held a legitimate headstand and might have been as proud of that as I was the first time I held Tulasana or Bakasana.

Eating: salad, sometimes multiple times per week. I am NOT a salad person, but the Norway Omega bowl at What a Salad has been my jam after another challenging yoga class.

Sipping: the Green Your Soul cold-pressed juice at What a Salad. Also, a couple friends and I queued for Tiger Sugar milk tea the other day and on second thought, it was so good!


Planning: all the blog things. I have so many ideas for posts, design, and some smaller features and will spend part of my summer trying to figure out how to make them come to life.

Saving: no energy with our AC on every moment we’re home.

Wearing: yoga clothes, mostly, and then all the gauzy, breezy pieces I own on repeat as it is already so unbearably hot and humid in Seoul.

Looking: no longer for the perfect winter coat (it’s been years) as I’m pretty sure I’ve found it and I plan to order it soon to bring back with me for this winter!

Buying: gifts for students, friends, and family in the States. I got a crazy deal on face and lip masks as well as a number of freebies thanks to a seriously generous sales associate.

Bookmarking: inspiration for fall outfits. Summer has only just started and I’m already looking forward to fall fashion! It’s probably my favorite season for style and I think it’s going to be a particularly good one this year.

Loving: summer dates. As much as we both hate summer weather, Andrew and I decided that there really isn’t any feeling like the feeling of summertime.

Leaving: Korea (actually left on Friday) for the summer and having such mixed feelings about it all. Andrew and I will be apart for a month as he’s still working and it’s the longest we’ll have been apart our whole relationship (and at such a distance). But it really is necessary to get out of the country every once in a while and I’m so looking forward to seeing people I haven’t seen since we moved abroad.


Feeling: alone—Jen left me but hopefully I can win her back in July.

Hoping: July in Korea isn’t 95 every day.

Listening: to Crimetown Season 2.

Reading: When Breath Becomes Air—got a good recommendation.

Watching: Chernobyl.

Wanting: July to go by quickly.

Waiting: for the next bench clearing the Cubs are involved in so I can watch Kris Bryant pretend like he cares about the dumb beef that led to the benches clearing.

Finishing: a column by a piece of shit.

Eating: hummus from a foreign food market in Itaewon.

Sipping: all the water.

Working: in July—I’m doing this teacher thing incorrectly I think.

Planning: to eat sweet corn in Illinois this summer.


Wearing: no sunglasses while on my bike like a moron and getting bugs in my eyes all the time.

Looking: forward to seeing the movie Parasite (기생충) at some point.



Loving: Kamala Harris in the first debate.


These Days | On the Street Where We Live ( )  hollyhocks, hollyhock flowers, Seoul, South Korea