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It’s been a minute since we’ve done one of these! We had a short lull between B visiting and spending time with a couple of Andrew’s buddies who flew to Seoul to see him for the weekend (wild). This week will be filled with flower fields (my element) due to fall festivals and an engagement shoot for friends. My favorite season is officially here and it seems to have brought with it good air quality and a slight drop in temperature. We have so many exciting things coming up in these colder seasons that we chatter about almost daily and can’t wait to share on this space. :)

Here are some recent blog posts in case you missed them. Keep scrolling to read what we’ve been up to these days!


Feeling: broken by this commute. It takes three hours to and from work and because of a couple early classes this semester, it’s at the worst times which means I sometimes have to stand on a packed train and then bus for an hour and a half.

Hoping: to hear back about some special winter travel plans soon!

Listening to Carla Bruni. We heard her Zooey Deschanel-esque voice in a cafe when B was visiting and I’ve been playing “You Belong to Me” on repeat since.

Reading: How good is this essay? Andrew shared it with me as one he was teaching and it’s so well written. I texted my mom after I read it.

Watching: The Office again with Andrew most nights and it’s my favorite part of every day.

Wanting: (needing) work clothes but not finding quality options.

Waiting: for customs and this parcel service company to get it together so that I can finally receive my new Gal Meets Glam Collection pieces.

Finishing: We’ve finished nearly all the snacks we smuggled in from the States, unfortunately. Trying to savor what’s left.

Eating: so much sushi. It’s almost all we ate in Kyoto and Osaka. We’ve never had sushi like that—toro that melts in your mouth.

Sipping: grape soda. It’s a strange thing that I loved it as a kid, and I’m back on it again.

Working: too much and feeling too indifferent. So I’m pursuing a passion and feeling nervous and excited in a way I haven’t for a while.

Planning: possibly the most exciting trip of our lives, and domestic trips for every free moment for the foreseeable future!


Wearing: Lake pajamas, which I almost hate to say are truly the softest, most comfortable pajamas and my new favorites.

Looking: forward to Christmas! It’s always been my favorite holiday but I haven’t been in the spirit these past couple years in Seoul. I am now in September, though.


Bookmarking: photographic inspiration.




Feeling: way more comfortable on my bike commute as it’s now around 65 in the morning and 75 in the afternoon instead of 75 and 90.

Hoping: Jen’s friend is doing well back in Japan.

Listening: to this interview and feeling conflicted. On the one hand, defeating the incumbent will require people like Anthony Scaramucci to have a similar change of heart; on the other hand, the guy is such a monumental scumbag.


Watching: a Bears kicker actually make a big field goal.

Wanting: to eat Indian food after teaching this fantastic essay in my writing class.

Waiting: for this dude to finally lose in a primary in my home state.

Finishing: this excellent piece on the bullshit idea of cancel culture run amok.

Eating: hummus from a can, which sounds gross but is actually pretty excellent.

Sipping: juice from a golden kiwi, which evidently is a thing and is also fucking amazing.

Working: on college application essays with students and feeling the gravity of the exercise since the college you get into essentially dictates the rest of your life in this country.

Planning: to buy more bread at a bakery near us that we recently tried which is of course called 007 빵.

Saving: our Japanese strawberry KitKats for Jen because they’re good but (don’t tell her I said this) not as good as the original.

Wearing: the same black shirt Jen did on our way to Japan on our recent trip, so we inadvertently looked like a Korean couple (we often see couples walking around in coordinated outfits).

Looking: forward to my hair going grey now that we’ve got some photos of us.


Bookmarking: this series for context on current events in our neck of the woods.