Things That Are Inspiring Me This Spring

Recently, I’ve been waking up in the best mood, regardless of how few hours I’d slept the night before, and even on work weekdays. Every morning, I have butterflies in my stomach in anticipation of nothing and a feeling of looking forward to plans that don’t exist.

February and March were difficult months for me—so much so that I found myself researching seasonal affective disorder—so while a change in season tends to lift my mood, this change from winter to spring feels as if I’m being brought back to life. I feel inspired to organize my belongings, jot down ideas and to-dos, and create just because. Any and every little thing seems to inspire me. So, I wanted to share some of these sources of inspiration with you.


cherry blossoms

I'm not sure what's prettier, the cherry blossoms in full bloom last weekend or the remnants of them now littering the ground. And then there are the dozens of other blooms no one else seems to notice but that I might even prefer. 

On that note, being able to spend time outdoors in such pretty surroundings and with more hours of daylight (though Andrew would disagree) has contributed the most to my lift in mood and inspired me to wake up earlier and be more active.


endless rose top | Zara jacket

blush shoes

I'm quite picky about shoes and will rarely if ever spare comfort, so they're more of an afterthought in my wardrobe. Recently, though, with so many styles in shades of blush, I've found myself planning outfits from the bottom up. The Manolo-style tweed flats pictured above were a special find in Gangnam Station. See the perfect pink flat, sneaker, and oxford.


Planning weekends, travels for the year, or even meals and errands is that much more fun when it's on pretty paper. I discovered Sugar Paper when they collaborated with Target a couple years ago and still have backup notepads from that collection. 

pajama sets

As much as I love clothing and style, I'd always rather be wearing pajamas. The first thing I do when I get home is immediately change into a set, and I'm not ashamed to stay in them all day on weekends or days off. These organic cotton ones by the Korean brand Sereneaty are the cat's pajamas. I had been eyeing them through the window of a new shop opening in our neighborhood and now need to gift a set to each of our loved ones.

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