Three Photographers Who Are Inspiring Me

Three Photographers Who Are Inspiring Me | On the Street Where We Live (

Instagram has no dearth of carefully crafted and curated feeds. Though it's easy to discover inspiring content, it's less so to discover something distinct—I'll sift through my search page of beautiful posts of the same top travel destinations, variations of trendy outfits, perspectives, angles, captions, and edits. So when I find that 'something,' it's all the more special.

Once I discover and follow an account I love, I'll engage with the content so that it comes up on my home page. I've started 'saving' my favorite photos and adding them to relevant collections to create inspiration boards. Instagram suggests posts and accounts based on your saved posts and collections for even more inspiration. Finally, I'll browse the accounts s/he follows as inspiring creators often follow other inspiring creators. Through one or a combination of these steps, I discovered these three photographers who are inspiring me the most at the moment.



This account is a recent find and just in time for our travels through South Korea this summer. He makes Seoul look not like Seoul in the best and most beautiful ways, and his double and multiple exposure shots are dreamy.


Audrey's work is so inspiring, I just got distracted scrolling through her sepia-toned feed on my way to linking it. She has an eye for style, details, and composition, and the way she captures these against her Barcelona backdrop transports you. Most of all, she's strong and unapologetic, which can't help being portrayed through her photos.


I've been following Katie for some time now and even let her know my plan to have her be our someday wedding (and every milestone thereafter) photographer. Her unique, elegant, and breathtaking work resonates with me, especially her shots of unexpected details. 


Who or what are you inspired by these days?