Voices: Money Diary, One Week on an $X Income

Voices: Money Diary, One Week on an $X Income | On the Street Where We Live (aretherelilactrees.com)  Find Kapoor

I love reading about what people do with their money—how they save it, how they spend it, what they won’t spend it on. There’s never any judgment, just fascination. And since we’re approaching the holiday season, when people tend to spend more, I decided to focus this month’s Voices post on money, that is, a one-week money diary on three different incomes. Continue reading as three of my girlfriends share how they spent their week!


Occupation: Technical Analyst
Industry: Banking
Age: 28
Location: New York, NY
Salary: Average salary is $67,000

Monthly Expenses

Rent: $1,187 (total monthly rent is $2,700, but my fiancé covers the difference)
Gym Membership: $159

Day One:

6:45am—Wake up and take the train to the gym. $2.10 for a one-way trip. Hooray for daylight savings! We gained an hour of sleep last night!

8:45am—Finish up gym class and take the train back to my apartment. $2.10 for another one-way trip back home. I was tempted to take an Uber because it was raining, but I need to save as much money as I can for our upcoming wedding.  

9:00am—We had a busy weekend and didn’t have a chance to go grocery shopping, so I stop at Duane Reade for some Chobani non-fat Greek yogurt for $3.00.

9:10am—I arrive home and play with our puppy, Shelby. We just adopted her, and she’s a 4-month old Amstaff/German Shepherd mix, so we spend a lot of time playing with, training, and walking her.

9:30am—Log on for work while eating my Chobani yogurt with some raw almonds from Costco we bought last month. I work from home 3 days a week, so I don’t bother changing out of my gym clothes yet.

9:45am—I’m still hungry (story of my life), so I have 3 hard-boiled egg whites while doing some work and watching some holiday movie on Netflix. Trying to eat healthy since I haven’t been for the last month since I sprained my ankle. Shelby is next to me tearing up her new beef bone that we gave her yesterday to survive the long car ride home.

10:00am—Take Shelby out on a walk and since it’s still raining, it’s a quick walk with lots of treats to entice her to go outside. She’s a diva and doesn't like to get wet. I can only hope she grows out of this by next week when we get her groomed for the first time!

11:00am—Put Shelby in her crate, take a quick shower, and continue working.

5:00pm—I’m craving something sweet, so I run downstairs to a café for a protein brownie and vegan banana chocolate muffin. $11.88

7:00pm—We attended a wedding this weekend and didn't have a chance to give the bride and groom a gift, so we give them $200 ($100 each) towards their online honeymoon registry. $100

Daily Total:  $119.08

Day Two:

6:00am—Wake up, go to physical therapy, vote, then head to work. $2.10 for a one-way trip.

8:45am—Pay dog-sitter for the week. We use him the two days a week I go into the office. $40, but this comes out of my fiancé’s account, so I will not include this expense in my daily total.

11:30am—I am starving, so I get a salad for $9.62 and eat with my colleagues. Of course, I spill about 1/3 of it on the table cause I’m a klutz.

1:00pm—Check how much I owe my PT for last month’s sessions. It’s a lot cheaper than I had anticipated! I was budgeting $90/session for 13 sessions, but it ended up costing $21-$27/session. I will say this morning’s visit is $25 since I won’t know the exact cost of the visit until the provider and insurance company process the charges in a few weeks.

3:00pm—I need an excuse to get away from my desk, so I get a dirty chai latte from the coffee shop near my office. $6.45

5:30pm—Get off work and take the train to midtown Manhattan. My fiancé and I are shopping for our wedding bands and we have a 6:30pm appointment. $2.10 for the train to Manhattan and $2.75 for the subway to Midtown cause it’s rainy and I’m too lazy to walk 10 blocks and 2 avenues.

7:30pm—We find our wedding bands and decide to put down a deposit! $500, but this comes out of my fiancé’s account.

8:15pm—We are on our way home, but I am famished, so we get Chick-fil-A for dinner and eat it while walking to the train. This is my first time ever having Chick-fil-A, and I must say, I was a bit underwhelmed by the spicy chicken sandwich. The waffle fries were heavenly. $11.38

8:30pm—We take the train home. We see our puppy trainer on the train and catch up on Shelby’s progress and talk about Marvel movies. $2.10 for a one-way trip.

9:15pm—We have finally arrived home after a long day away from our puppy! We play with Shelby for an hour while watching live coverage of the US midterm elections. It’s a really tight race and it’s making us nervous.

10:15pm—Walk Shelby and go to sleep, hoping that the elections will turn around when we wake up.

Daily Total: $61.50

Day Three

7:00am—Head into the office. $2.10 for a one-way trip.

8:00am—Work meeting.

10:30am—Complete my on-site biometric wellness screening and get my seasonal flu shot. My cholesterol is dangerously low, so I will go back after I have eaten something.

10:45am—I make a beeline for the cafeteria for some overnight oats and berries. $5.60

11:15am—I get my finger pricked one more time to have my cholesterol numbers retaken. Much better the second time around.

12:30pm—Salad for lunch. $11.00

3:15pm—It’s another slow day at the office, so I get myself a medium dirty chai tea latte for $6.45.

5:00pm—Go home and stop at the coffeeshop for a pack of protein brownies before letting Shelby out for almost an hour. I need to get better at cooking and meal prepping these days. I used to be so good at planning ahead, but I think I am in a funk because of my new position and getting used to taking care of Shelby. $2.10 for a one-way trip and $8.26 for the protein brownies.

Daily Total:  $35.51

Day Four

8:00am—Shelby has done her business, so I go to the café downstairs. I might as well get my lunch while I’m down here, so I order the daily special and will reheat it when it’s lunch time. I get my fiancé an espresso smoothie, myself a large latte with almond milk, and a vegan and gluten-free banana chocolate muffin and chicken pot pie for lunch. $31.10.  

7:45pm—Crate Shelby and take the train to the gym. $2.10 for a one-way trip.

9:15pm—Finish my gym class and head back home to my fur baby! $2.10 for another one-way trip.

Daily Total:  $35.30

Day Five

8:30am—I make myself some steel-cut oats on the stove and sprinkle some organic, unsweetened coconut flakes on top. 

10:30am—I’m still hungry, probably because I didn’t eat dinner after the gym last night, so I get an egg-white, avocado mash, and turkey sausage sandwich from...you guessed it! The café downstairs. I also get some mini peanut butter banana protein bites.  $14.22

11:30am—Take the train to the gym. $2.10 for a one-way trip.

1:00pm—Take the train home from the gym. $2.10 for another one-way trip.

4:30pm—I wrap up my workday and make some dumplings for dinner. 

6:40pm—I take Shelby on a walk. It's so rainy and she is afraid to go outside, but thankfully, I meet another dog owner and his pup and we chat for almost an hour while Shelby and her new friend play.  

8:00pm—I am still hungry. Why does this happen to me? I think it’s because I’m not super busy at home and I have nothing to do but sit here and think about what to eat.

8:15pm—I head down to the Duane Reade a block away from our apartment. It’s packed here because people are getting off of work and buying snacks before the weekend starts. I wait in the line that extends beyond the entrance/exit with my hands filled with chocolate bars and Milano cookies. It’s 100 degrees in here, so I can feel my chocolate melting in my arms! $17.98 for junk food that I will inhale right when I get home and regret shortly after.

10:45pm—After chowing down on some cookies and watching some Game of Thrones, I have passed out on the couch. I text my fiancé to check up on him. He’s doing fine and is on his way to the bar. Tonight, he went to a podcast recording about the recent midterm elections with a couple of his former colleagues.

Daily Total:  $36.40

Day Six

6:30am—Wake up. It’s such a beautiful day today!

9:30am—We drop Shelby off at her soon-to-be puppy daycare for her interview. The daycare needs to “interview” her to see how she socializes with other pups. We hope she crushes it!

9:45am—My fiancé and I get some coffee and a smoothie while we wait for our fur baby’s interview to finish up. $18.61, but my fiancé covers this for us.

10:30am—Shelby passed her puppy interview! We let her pick out a toy and treat for the walk around town and back home. Shelby picks a big stuffed koala and a duck foot as her treat. $20.33, but my fiancé covers this.

10:40am—I take out some cash from the ATM so we have money to spend at the farmers market.  

10:45am—We arrive at the farmers market, but don't see anything we need, so we let Shelby into the dog park. This is the first time she has been to a dog park to play off-leash, and she goes crazy. We let her play for 30 minutes as we chat with other dog owners.

11:15am—Our friends who live nearby meet us at the dog park.

11:30am—We order tacos and take the food to our friends’ apartment. Shelby is pooped, so we carry her for a bit. Our friends just got engaged, so we talk about wedding plans. Our friends paid for the food, so I Venmo them $25.00.

3:00pm—We take the train back home and Shelby does great on her first train ride ever. $2.10 for a one-way train ticket.

4:30pm—I have my Global Entry interview, which was a breeze. I pay $8.00 for short-term parking at the airport.

5:30pm—It’s back on the train with little miss Shelby to head to my fiancé’s cousin’s apartment so our pups can meet for the first time. $2.10 for a one-way train ticket.

8:00pm—My fiancé, his cousins, and I decide to order Chinese food while the pups play. $32.00, for dinner but my fiancé covers it for us.

9:30pm—We are all so tired, so we take an Uber home. $6.33

Daily Total:  $41.43

Day Seven

6:30am—I take the train to the gym for a 7:00am class. $2.10 for a one-way train ticket.

7:00am—It was a really good workout today, in honor of Veterans Day! We ran 1.5 miles and rowed 2,000 meters in 25 minutes, then did a series of push-up, sit-up, pull-up, and squat exercises for 30 minutes.

8:00am—I take the train home from the gym. $2.10 for a one-way train ticket.

10:30am—Order a PJ set online from Target for $29.99. They are so comfy, and I need another set for our upcoming trip to my cousin’s in Utah for Thanksgiving.

1:00pm—Order Mean Girls on Broadway tickets for my friend’s upcoming birthday for a group of us, which cost $254.49 per person.  

2:30pm—We head out to drive to a doggy park in the town we used to live in and meet up with some of our friends. They are also bringing their pup, so they will meet for the first time. We hope they get along!

3:15pm—We arrive at the doggy park and see our friends and their pup. Looks like the two of our pups will be crashing a Frenchie-only costume party at the dog park. Apparently, this was an organized meet-up that was postponed from Halloween since it rained out two weeks ago.

5:30pm—We head over to our favorite ice cream spot, and then meet at our friend’s apartment for dinner and Game of Thrones. $11.86 for ice cream for me, my fiancé, and some for Shelby, but my fiancé covers this expense.

8:00pm—We order Cuban food for delivery. $50.00 for dinner for me and my fiancé.

Daily Total:  $338.68

Weekly Total: $667.90


Occupation: Graduate Student & Research Assistant
Industry: Nutritional Sciences
Age: 28
Location: Hartford, CT
Salary: As a full-time graduate student, I receive a stipend for my teaching and research work of $27,000/year. I also work odd jobs part-time to supplement my income.

Monthly Expenses

Rent: $850 (half covered by roommate)
Internet & Utilities: $100 (half covered by roommate)
Cell Phone: $50
Transportation (gas): $100
Gym Membership: $62

Day One:

6:23am—Wake up, throw on my fluffiest robe, and proceed to feed the meowing cat in the hallway. Once we’ve achieved some silence while he feasts, I can start getting ready for my day.

8:00am—I’ve confirmed the fridge is still empty, so it’s time to head to the supermarket. It’s important to take advantage of any open time during the week to run errands, since weekends are primarily for dissertation writing. I opt for quick, easy, and affordable meal supplies. Lots of fresh fruit, some quick-cooking veggie greens, pasta and tomato sauce, eggs, and yogurt. I usually only buy meat once a month since it’s generally faster and cheaper to prepare vegetarian options. $52.27

10:00am—Eat a little brunch at home made up of ingredients purchased at the supermarket.

11:00am—I packed a quick snack to bring with me, and now it’s time to drive to campus. I’ll be able to get some work done before attending a PhD defense, followed by more work, followed by some meetings.

6:00pm—Dinner meeting with some of the doctors in town for the PhD defense. (YAY for free food!)

7:30pm—Finally time to head home! Which means I’m met by a hungry kitty. After feeding him, I get to do some schoolwork.

9:00pm—Couch potato time. This means time to continue knitting holiday presents (please note the broke grad student theme) while watching an episode of the latest binge-worthy series on my Amazon Prime Student account (one of the benefits of being a forever student).

10:30pm—I always prep for the next day before I go to bed. This means packing my lunch, work bag, and gym bag, and then getting ready for bed.

Daily Total: $52.27

Day Two:

4:30am—I woke up way too early this morning. I’m still jet-lagged from my trip last week and having trouble getting back into my normal sleep routine. The only problem with waking up early is fighting my roommate for the bathroom. Usually, our schedules work out perfectly where we just miss each other, but today is not one of those days.

7:00am—After feeding the cat and getting ready for work, I’m ready to drive to campus.

8:30am—I pull out the breakfast of cottage cheese and cherry tomatoes that I packed and eat at my desk while I catch up on some work emails. Then, I scramble to finish my assignment for the class I’m auditing (because I obviously like torturing myself).

10:30am—Walk across campus to my class. I try to remind myself that this class is voluntary and I want to be here to learn, although my mind keeps going back to all the other work I could be getting done right now if I was still in my office.

12:30pm—Walk back to my office, sit at my desk, and enjoy my lunch while I catch up on some work emails.

2:30pm—Time to attend one of the other graduate student’s Proposal Defense (this is when they propose their dissertation ideas to the department).

3:30pm—Walk to one of the classes that I’m teaching. The undergrads are presenting their final projects today, so I will be observing, critiquing, and grading each of their projects.

5:00pm—Gym time! I drove to my gym to do a short run on the treadmill, followed by some climbing. Rock climbing nights give me a chance to work out while socializing. It’s nice to catch up with some climbing friends who I haven’t seen in a while.

7:00pm—Finally time to go home, shower, and make something for dinner. Since I just got back from a gym workout, I opt to make a nice pasta dish for myself. It’s quick and easy to prepare, which is most important during a busy week.

9:00pm—I get to bum around for a little bit, then prepare my work bag for tomorrow.

Daily Total: $0.00

Day Three:

6:30am—Wake up to a noisy, furry creature. Over the years, he’s become my new alarm clock. He has no snooze button, so it’s guaranteed I won’t sleep in. Now it’s time to get ready for work and drive to campus. I did have to stop to get gas on my way. I cringe every time I need to stop at the gas station, but it’s inevitable. $31.90

8:30am—At my desk, I do the usual work emailing while I munch on my breakfast of yogurt and blueberries.

10:30am—Time to walk across campus to the class I’m auditing. Trying to pay attention and absorb all of the knowledge.

12:00pm—On my walk back to my office, I stop by one of the on-campus cafés to grab a diet Coke and sandwich. I forgot (or maybe I was too lazy last night) to pack my lunch, but it also feels like a treat to have food prepared for me. I have to bring my lunch back to my office so I’m not late for my next meeting. $7.75

12:30pm—Video conference meeting. I try to eat my sandwich discreetly during our meeting, very aware that everyone can see me on their computer screen.

2:00pm—After our meeting, I go back to work on my research.

3:30pm—I stop by one of the professor’s offices to pick up my students’ assignments for the other class I’m teaching. I have to grade 130 papers for next week. YIKES!

4:00pm—I need to drive home because I have “hired” some friends of friends to help me move my couch out of the apartment. “Hired” because I pay them in bottles of wine that I picked up from the discount liquor outlet. Let’s face it, that’s not too shabby. I mean, I’d probably work for wine too. It’s also not a very pretty job since no one here is a professional mover. It’s more like throwing my couch off the balcony and hoping we don’t damage it too much. Haha, but seriously. $27.69

7:00pm—Since they drove all this way, my friend’s friends want to go to a nearby restaurant for dinner. It’s one of their favorites, and I understand why because it’s absolutely delicious Mediterranean food. I am a bit hesitant because I also know that it’s somewhat pricey, but I feel obligated to go since they’ve helped me out so much. Luckily, they don’t expect me to pick up the whole tab (I would’ve had a heart attack). $41.87

9:00pm—Finally home and tired. After a shower, I get ready for bed, turn on one episode of my latest guilty pleasure, and cuddle with my fur-ball.

10:30pm—Time to pack my lunch, work bag, and gym bag for tomorrow so I can pass out.

Daily Total: $109.21

Day Four:

6:30am—Rise and shine, cat feeding time. After getting ready for work, I head off to campus.

8:00am—I do some work at my desk while I eat my cottage cheese and tomato breakfast. The week is almost over, so I need to get as much done as possible!

10:30am—Walking across campus to my class. I brought some papers with me so I could get some of this grading done before class starts. Every minute counts when you have a whole box full of papers to get through.

12:30pm—After class, I stop by the café to pick up some caffeine. I’m already tired and need to teach this afternoon, not to mention I’m hoping to get to the gym. $2.75

1:00pm—Once I get back to my desk, I can eat my lunch and work on some of my writing.

3:30pm—Time to head to class. My students are giving presentations today, so I just have to listen, ask questions, and fill out grading rubrics.

5:30pm—Gym time! I try to pump myself up and get excited. Today is just a little running on the treadmill and stretching, so it should be refreshing.

7:00pm—Heading back to my couch-less home (yay, no couch!). I make some dinner, pasta again for my post-workout nights. I love pasta, so I don’t have to worry about getting tired of it. Plus, I add different ingredients to the sauce to mix it up a bit throughout the week.

9:00pm—I decided to stay up a little later tonight and enjoy some Netflix with my furry cat animal. I also like to watch something while I grade sometimes. That way, I can grade longer without getting too overwhelmed.

11:00pm—Getting ready for bed and can’t wait to sleep in a bit later tomorrow.

Daily Total: $2.75

Day Five:

7:00am—The cat says wake up, so I have to wake up. After feeding him, I do some more grading on my couch until I’m feeling hungry.

8:30am—I decide to make myself a nice breakfast today since I’m home this morning. A veggie omelet, yum!

10:00am—I drive in for a meeting today. It shouldn’t be too long, and afterwards, I’ll be able to do more work from home since Fridays are pretty quiet.

12:30pm—I head home so that I can make myself lunch. Then it’s back to work to do some data analysis, and then grade papers when my brain needs a break.

4:00pm—Leg day! My favorite of the days. I love ending my week on a good leg day.

6:00pm—After having a quick shower and bite to eat at home, I coordinate with my friend. We decided to treat ourselves by going to see a movie tonight after such a long week. I don’t mind at all, especially since I know I’m working this weekend. Might as well take the night off! $11.50

10:00pm—I get home and relax, make myself a cup of tea, and pack up my work bag for tomorrow. Then, I get ready for bed and lights out.

Daily Total: $11.50

Weekly Total (5 days): $175.73


Occupation: Finance & Business Management Associate
Industry: Financial Services
Age: 27
Location: New York, NY
Salary: between $80-90K
Paycheck amount: $1800-$2000 (2x/month)

Monthly Expenses

Mortgage: $900
Internet: $40
Cell Phone: $100
Transportation: $400
Groceries/Gas: $300
Gym Membership: $32
Credit Card: varies between $1000-$1500

Day One:

5:30am—Wake up and get ready for work. I find this hard to do after a good, long Thanksgiving weekend. 

6:45am—Start my commute to work with the ever-present annoyance of not being able to find a seat on the train or rushing and trying to beat other people to one.

8:30am—After cleaning out my inbox for a good 45 minutes and finishing our Monday morning call, I join some colleagues for morning coffee (there are 2 Starbucks in our building, convenient). $2.35 for a tall blonde. I contemplate going to the cafeteria to get breakfast, but decide against it. Back to work/meetings.

12:00pm—It’s been a weird morning. After the long weekend, I had to sit and remind myself what my job was, which only means that an extended break did me some good. Anyway, time for lunch. Lunch rotation comprises of a handful of healthy eating places. Today, started the week off with a salad from Chop’t $13. I wanted to do undo the indulging I did over the weekend.

1:30pm—I find it incredibly hard to pay attention to some meetings. I’m also slightly annoyed about some of the things I have to do because they certainly should be owned by another group/team.

3:00pm—I usually bring fruits with me to serve as mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks. The blueberries and pineapple were very tasty.

5:15pm—I rush out of work because I’m keen on catching an earlier train in order to make bootcamp at the gym by 7:00pm.

6:00pm—I’m awakened by mom’s phone call to tell me the car battery died and so she’s waiting for AAA to come help. I had fallen asleep on the train again, and now I’m worried about the car.

7:00pm—I’ve made it home but missed bootcamp. Car battery needs to be replaced. I’m pretty annoyed since we (as a family) just spent a bunch of money and the last 15 days trying to get this car repaired after it was involved in an accident. 

11:00pm—It’s been a long day. Off to bed.

Daily Total: $15.35

Day Two:

5:30am—The start of the daily grind.

9:00am—I’m skipping a speaker series called “3 Life-Changing Ways to Shift Your Mindset” after listening in for the first ten minutes. I usually love attending these series, but this one wasn’t that appealing. Morning coffee at Starbucks. $2.35

12:30pm—Hated yesterday’s salad for lunch, so I opt for a healthy buffet. I actually wasn’t that hungry, and got away with paying $8.00 for my mishmash of food from the buffet. I love any time I can pay under $10 for lunch. $8.25

3:00pm—It’s been a productive day today. I’ve written my to-do list for the week and have made good progress. I join another conference call; this call is the only one where I don’t fully understand what is going with our project...I rely on my boss to get the hang of it.

6:00pm—Needed to finish a lot of work today, but the day went by slowly. Time to head home.

8:00pm—I’m grateful to live at home and come home to meals cooked by my lovely mother. She’s a great cook, and not having to do more work after coming home is a blessing. 

Daily Total: $10.55

Day Three:

7:45am—I can’t believe it’s only Wednesday. The week is going extra slow. Either that, or I have to readjust to working a whole five days after the Thanksgiving break. I start looking at and answering my work emails. Coffee. $2.35

12:30pm—I had four meetings and still have a lot of work to do. My teammate, Greg, asks to go to lunch at a place I introduced to him, Naya Express. I wasn’t in the mood for Mediterranean, and so, convinced him to go to Roast Kitchen, my favorite for a yummy, healthy meal. $15.45

3:30pm—I only finished half of my lunch and saved the other half. I have way too much to do and it’s only Wednesday.

5:45pm—Today was long, but productive. Time to head home.

7:00pm—Joined my brother in going to the gym. Felt exhausted, but managed to run a couple of miles and do the StairMaster. I’m glad I forced myself into going.

8:30pm—Mom made cauliflower and daal. I’m excited. One Indian meal a day in the form of dinner is a ritual and my cultural balance.

Daily Total: $17.80

Day Four:

7:45am—Today is a busy day with lots of meetings (seven, to be exact). I prioritize and print materials for later. I also need to chair one of the meetings and need to review. Morning coffee. $2.35

11:30am—My meetings have gone well, even the one I needed to chair! Lots of takeaways though, and I need to start thinking about the next couple of meetings.

12:30pm—Made it to my laser hair removal appointment. (Managed to squeeze this in on a very busy day...who am I?) LOTS of pain for half an hour. 

2:00pm—I remembered that I had leftovers and reheat yesterday’s lunch. It’s not enough food, but I’ll be eating grapes and pineapple later.

6:30pm—Cranked out a few things that I was worried about. I’m relieved that I got through some of them. My coworkers stop by my desk and manage to convince me to get a drink.

7:30pm—I get the first round of drinks for the four of us, and my vodka soda is entirely way too strong. I give it away to Greg, couldn’t drink it. $50.00

9:00pm—Happy to be home and eating black-eyed peas. It’s one of my favorite things. 

10:00pm—I listen to the voicemail I had received from the car insurance agent. They need me to send over receipts so that they can file our claim. I get all the documents together and compose the email. This process of both my parents getting into individual accidents, and then dealing with the repercussions with all parties and insurance companies is cumbersome and tiring. It’s been a whole month.

Daily Total: $52.35

Day Five:

8:00am—At my desk and feeling so relieved that it’s finally Friday. I thought it would never come! I had a reward for Starbucks, and so I grab my friend and we go for a free drink. She orders for me since she wanted me to try a chai latte with one shot of espresso and almond milk. I thought it was a little strong, but I like the idea of getting a $9.00 coffee for free because REWARDS!

12:00pm—Another solid four hours of meetings and calls go by. I sit down with my boss only to find out that two people from my team will no longer be with us since their contracts aren’t going to be renewed. I’m a little sad. And I have no time to eat lunch today. 

4:00pm—I had a cringe-worthy but super productive day, and now my brain and eyes hurt. I’m drained. My boss, for the first time in a long time, suggests we grab a drink as a team (and early, too!).

5:00pm—I had two Coronas with my team, but get ready to meet my brother and other friend for a drink at this cocktail bar my brother wanted to check out.

7:00pm—I order a cute spritzer drink at the cocktail bar (total speakeasy vibe, we wasted a good 20 minutes not being able to find the entrance). My brother pays. :)

9:00pm—Home to eat more black-eyed peas, my first meal of the day. Happy to be eating.

1:00am—Stay up late with my mom watching her TV shows just because I wanted to hang out with her...but I’m pretty much a zombie. 

Daily Total: $0.00

Day Six:

11:30am—I love sleeping in! Time to wake up and clean before my mom comes home from work.

2:00pm—Ate and cleaned. Time for laundry. I also answer my friend to confirm that I am still going to her birthday celebrations back in NYC tonight. I don’t want to, but I had committed. 

7:30pm—Made pasta for dinner (recipe courtesy of my really good friend who currently resides in Korea) and took some on the go with me, on the way to NYC. 

9:00pm—Met with my friend for her birthday and started mingling. I haven’t socialized in a very long time! Uber-ed to her place after the subway. $4.50

1:00am—I’m tired, and we had to spend $80.00 a person to get into this lounge, ugh. I also had to Uber here. $6.50

3:00am—I was lucky enough to find a ride back home and paid for my friend’s drunk pizza and water as a thank you. $16.45

4:00am—Made it back home...partying until 4:00am? Who am I?

Daily Total: $107.45

Day Seven:

11:00am—I didn’t sleep well (perhaps it was the alcohol), but I didn’t want to start my Sunday without going to the gym.

3:00pm—My brother and I go to the gym, and then Trader Joes and ShopRite. Lots of groceries to be bought. $40.55

7:00pm—Everybody is exhausted and we decide to order pizza for dinner (courtesy of my brother).

Daily Total: $40.55

Weekly Total: $244.05