Weekend Links: 02

Weekend Links: 02 | On the Street Where We Live (aretherelilactrees.com)

We have two sunny days in the seventies (Fahrenheit) to enjoy this weekend, so we're keeping things brief! Here's a list of the links we've loved this week. 

  • I'm not big on K-pop, but there have been three tunes recently that I can't get out of my head. The first is 좋니, a song we've been hearing on buses, in stores, and throughout the city since we moved here, and the second is its female counterpart, 좋아. They're the types of songs that have you hurt over a heartbreak you never had. The third is 밤편지, another ballad and sweet song you can vibe to. (J)

  • Dr. Narwhals Mating is facing Jimbob Ghostkeeper in the finals of the bracket that makes me laugh like a child every spring. My favorite name ever was the 2015 winner: Amanda Miranda Panda. (A)

  • I've been following Julia since our junior year of undergrad for her classic, feminine style. It brought me so much joy to find out that she would be designing her own dress collection with new styles every month! I wasn't able to snag one in my size this time as the launch was a massive success, but if I could have, it would have been either this blue maxi or this Nordstrom-exclusive floral print midi. (J)

  • Ady Barkan is a progressive activist with ALS. Like many, I first heard of him when he spoke with Senator Jeff Flake on a plane. Flake gives speeches where he’s the hero for decency and then votes as the hero for the rich and Islamophobic. If you need a hero in an age of indecency, Jeff Flake is not a good one. Barkan is. (A)

  • And speaking of ages, in a normal world, reading a profile of a person like H.R. McMaster would make me afraid and angry that a hawkish weightlifter was at the highest level of government. We’re not in a normal world, so the fact that he reads and thinks makes me afraid and angry that a guy like him decided to get ruined and then got fired by our POS POTUS. (A)

  • Andrew and I are meeting one of my best friends in Lisbon this summer and it's almost all that's on my mind anymore—the number one place on my travel list at the moment with two people I love! Carrie's beautiful guides (1, 2, 3) have given me a long list of to-dos and are keeping me content in the meantime. (J)

  • The Cubs are in Cleveland where they won the World Series in 2016. Javy Baez and Francisco Lindor are a delight. Javy is playing really well to start the year and is frankly just a better favorite player than Jen’s favorite Kris Bryant. I love Bryant and hope he’s all right after getting hit in the head. But I would watch Baez watch paint dry. (A)

  • Listen to the podcast Keep It with Ira Madison. (A)


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