Weekend Links: 06

Weekend Links: 06 | On the Street Where We Live (aretherelilactrees.com)

We've been quite the social butterflies this weekend. On Saturday, we met my cousin's cousin in Insa-dong for traditional Korean tea and snacks. Insa-dong is an area I've been wanting to visit, known for its cultural and artistic shops and goods. Today, we spent the day with our new Korean neighbor-friend who treated us to a full-on Korean lunch, the type where you have to sit on the floor and every inch of the table is covered with dishes, then walked around the neighborhood with her and her little poodle, Maru, before she sent us off with homemade 김치 (kimchi) and 누룽지 (nooroongji, or scorched rice). 

Here's a list of the links we've loved this week!

  • Look at this badass—South Korean foreign minister Kang Kyung-wha sitting comfortably in Washington this week and staring at a POS warmonger. (A)
  • Have you seen the Royal Wedding Bad Lip Reading? (J)
  • Using his JAWS metric, Jay Jaffe shows in this article that Mike Trout has already racked up a Hall of Fame career in only about six years. I had a similar stretch of sustained high-level performance from 2001-2007 where I watched The Lord of the Rings extended versions multiple times each year. (A)
  • I mentioned in our 73 Questions post that the responses to the Vogue series are contrived, but Chrissy Teigen's episode was, per usual, as real as it gets. (J)
  • I generally find vocally liberal actors and actresses nauseating and counterproductive to the causes I care about. However, the Times Up Legal Defense fund is terrific and helping real people fight workplace harassment. (A)
  • John Mayer is a sucky person. I can't stop listening to his new song. (J)
  • It’d be nice if people cared about the cruelty, xenophobia, and misogyny, but since most don’t, hopefully the one scandal Adam Serwer writes about in The Atlantic will stick and make a difference in November and beyond. (A)
  • Retro-style sunglasses are in and I am all. for. it. PrettyLittleThing has an amazing and affordable selection—I ordered these brown tortoiseshell extreme cat-eyes and these black ovals. (J)
  • When I was a child, Michael Jordan was a hero of mine. When I was a teenager and young adult, I hated LeBron James. I’m now 30, know a bit more, and have different priorities. It’s close, but LeBron is probably the better basketball player. This Howard Bryant piece from his new book shows that it’s inarguable that LeBron does more for good with his platform. MJ has improved from his “Republicans buy shoes, too" days, but LeBron is the better hero. (A)


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