Wellness Habit: Keeping a Food Diary

Wellness Habit: Keeping a Food Diary | On the Street Where We Live (aretherelilactrees.com)

I've been keeping a daily food diary since we moved to Seoul. Moving abroad wreaked havoc on my stomach (my friend G, who spent the past year traveling, told me there would be an adjustment period); everything I ate made me sick, and I've had more this year than I'd had in the three years prior. With regular doctor's visits, close monitoring of my diet, and time, my stomach has adjusted for the most part. But I've continued the habit of keeping a food diary.

By keeping a food diary, I'm able to better balance what I eat day-to-day and see patterns of issues with certain foods or food types. Though the issues are more often stress-related than food-related, I have noticed differences in the way I feel when I eliminate or add certain foods or food types.

Here's what I keep in my food diary.

daily food diary

  • Day and date—I type these into my phone, so the most current entry is at the top. I don't list times, but I do record the following in sequential order. 
  • Outstanding factors—if I am not digesting properly, have a cold, am on my period, or am in any other not 'normal' condition or state, I'll note this first.
  • Food and drinks—every morsel and sip throughout the day is recorded, from the glass of water or tea I have first thing in the morning, to the bowl of popcorn I'll share with Andrew as we watch Suits. Meals are broken down by ingredients (and sometimes amounts).
  • Activity—both diet and exercise are factors of physical wellness, so if I attend an evening yoga class, for example, I'll record it before my final meal of the day.
Wellness Habit: Keeping a Food Diary | On the Street Where We Live (aretherelilactrees.com)

What wellness habits do you practice?