When You Love Style But Love Comfort More

When You Love Style But Love Comfort More | On the Street Where We Live (aretherelilactrees.com)

I love style. Personal style, lifestyle—they’re a couple of my favorite things and what inspire me most, especially in the blogosphere. I’m not a naturally outgoing or verbal person, so style has always been a way for me to present myself to the world.

But there’s one thing I love maybe (definitely) even more than style, that often works against my love for style, and that’s comfort. My mom, one of the most stylish people I know, is the queen of comfortable style. She’ll pair leggings or tight pants with a slightly oversized top and structured blazer, and accessorize with a statement handbag, bold lip, signature fragrance (Chanel No. 5, a gift from my dad) and practical shoes; always practical shoes. Whether they’re sneakers, embellished flats, or cockroach killers (we both love a pointed toe), they’re comfortable enough to walk around in. In the colder months, she’ll swap the top out for a thick turtleneck, and in the summer, she opts for classic, modest dresses in breezy fabrics with a pair of Ray Bans. She’s been wearing the same few pieces for decades, having invested in bags, shoes, accessories, and outerwear that never go out of style, and her beauty routine is just as minimal.

Then there’s the type of woman who seems always put-together, who dresses as if every day is an occasion (think Julia Engel). Even a workout or casual weekend is worth dressing up for. While I so admire and aspire to be this type of woman, I am learning to accept that I’m somewhere closer to the leggings are pants end of the spectrum, and that that’s okay!

So, even though this past Saturday was the first beautiful almost summer-like day of the year and I dreamed of all the feminine sundresses I could wear, I wore my Kale sweatshirt, favorite lululemon leggings, and Nike Free RNs. And this is my justification. 

When You Love Style But Love Comfort More | On the Street Where We Live (aretherelilactrees.com)

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