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Three Instagram-Worthy Cafes in Seoul You Might Not Have Heard Of

It’s no secret that cafe culture is huge in Seoul—walk down any street and it’ll be brimming with options. You could spend an entire trip to Seoul only visiting cafes and you wouldn’t have made a dent. We’ve lived here a year and a half and haven’t. And there are still new cafes opening every other day.

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These Days

‘These days’ is an expression I rarely used before moving abroad, but 요즘 (yoh-jeum), or these days, is an expression often used in Korean, and so I’ve found myself using it often these days. We thought it was the perfect title for our new monthly series, a list of the things we’ve each been up to, and a good first post to ease back into blogging after a stretch of quiet while we’d been pretending to be locals in Europe.

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